Silence 4


Silence 4

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Intro: E G# (x4) 

E      G# 
We are air 
E            G# 
With quiet surrounding ourselves 
E        G#               A 
We don't even think about us 
            C        G         E 
We don't consider ourselves as beings 
     G#                E            G# 
Believing our eyes are open, we confirm 
E          G#         A              C    G    E  G# 
There is nothing over there, we must grab some air 

E G# Air is not there E G# We are air E G# A Air is not there C G There is nothing over here
E G# x2 E G# E G# E But when we move, we realize we were never really alone G# A C G E We can't feel us push us as if we were trying to push ourselves G# E G# Air in motion can't be stopped, but it is E G# A C G E A# Easily oriented in any direction (Refrão) E G# E G# E We try to see each other, but we are entirely see-through E G# A G# C G E Need to breed a different one, who is just like me G# E G# 'Cause I'm the one who deserves to live, but I can't say E G# A C G E A# Maybe you, maybe you do too, until I see you (Refrão) E A# A C G E

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