Sidewalk Prophets


Sidewalk Prophets

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	  		Intro: C 

C                    F 
It's been a long time since you felt peace 
C                     F 
In the valley you made where you're not meant to be 
Am                     F 
Where the shame throws shadows on you 
But don't you forget 
That you're headed to more 
But you've settled for less 
              C                      G 
Don't buy the lie ?it's as good as it gets� 
                   Am                F 
The same feet that left you lost and alone 
                  F             G              C 
Are the very same feet that can bring you back home 

F G Wherever you are, whatever you did C Am G It's a page in your book, but it isn't the end F G C Your Father will meet you with arms open wide Am G This is where your heart belongs * F G Am G Come running like a prodigal
Verso 2: C F There will be nights, when you hear whispers C F Of the life you once knew, don't let it linger Am F Cause there's a grace that falls upon you G Don't you forget C In the places your weak F He is very strong C F Don't ever believe ?you don't deserve loveâ? C F The same God that protects you when you're lost and alone F G C Is the very same God that is calling you home Repete Refrão F Ohâ... G C Let your life be made new F Ohâ... G C As you come into view F G Am Your Father's not waiting, no he's running too F G C He's running straight to you F G F G Wherever you are, whatever you did Repete Refrão

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