Shocking Blue

Demon Lover

Shocking Blue

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Demon Lover

	  		Em Bm 
It hurts me so to be 
Em                Bm 
 under your spell 
             Em    Bm   Em    
 ain't no heaven for me, but a hell 
                     Bm          Em Bm Am 
 but after all, I can't let you go 
            F                   C 
 'cos I love you so, Deeeeemon Lover 
     G          B7       Em         A 
Demon Lover, Demon Lover 
         D  G         C   F 
I love you 
        Em  Bm 

I'm bewitched and I know it so well 
what the reason is baby I can't tell 
it's that animal good looks you've got 
you show more than a lot 
demon Lover, Demon Lover, Demon Lover 
I love you 

You took me for lovin' kindness sake 
you don't give love, you only take 
but after all I can't let you go 
'cos I love you so 
Demon Lover, demon lover, demon lover 
Ilove you 

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