Shawn James

The Shadow

Shawn James

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The Shadow

Intro Gm Bb A G# (4x)

verse 1 
Gm               Bb            A           G# 
There I was just mindin' my own business 
Gm               Bb            A           G# 
When I saw a shadow out the corner of my eye 
Gm               Bb            A           G# 
I'd seen that shadow once before, in my life 
Gm               Bb            A           G# 
Well, it was the day my Father died 
Gm               Bb            A           G# 
So I turned and I fled, but that shadow gave chase 
Gm               Bb            A           G# 
Caught me down a dead end way 
Gm               Bb            A           G# 
To my surprise when he opened his mouth 
Gm               Bb            A           Gm 
Well, I could hear my Father say 

A Bb Fm He said, "Son, I know just where you've been, yeah Bb G# Gm and I know just how you'll meet your end. A Fm Bb You better turn from the path that you're on G# Gm lest you end up just like your old man. G# Gm Bb HOLD UP, WAIT A MINUTE there man! Like... A G# Did you forget who you were? Gm Bb A You used to beat my mother down. G# Gm Bb A G# Well, she left your sorry ass, because you wouldn't choose
verse 2 Gm Bb Gm your wife and son over your booze. A Bb A Fm Bb G# Gm Now, I ain't a damn thing, like the man you USED to be. A Fm Bb You better go back to where you belong, ohh G# Gm and maybe then you'll begin to see Bb A G# Gm Bb A G# Ohhhhh Gm A G# Bb Gm Oooooh Fade out Bb

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