Shawn James

Almost Home

Shawn James

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Almost Home

Intro E 


It?s been way too long  
        A                     E 
since I held you darlin in my arms 
                B7        A               E 
A thousand more miles and I?ll be by your side 
           B7        E 
I ache for you every night 


It feels so wrong  
   A             E 
to leave you all alone 
I?ll settle down someday 
    A               E 
For now I?ve got to stray 
                     B7           E 
I?m still yours even when I?m not home 


E B7 E 
E B7 E  
E B7 A E  
E B7 E  


A                                   E 
Tired, dirty and bruised by I won?t sway 
A                                E  
Only time and distance stand in my way 
    A                     B 
I?d drive all through the night  
                 E                        A 
just to see your jade eyes shimmer in the morning light 
I love you darlin 
B7         E  
I?m almost home 

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