Shakey Graves

Built To Roam

Shakey Graves

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Built To Roam

Capo on 4th fret

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Intro: e|---------------------------------------------------------------| B|---------------------0-----------------------------------------| G|-------------0-0-0-----2-0----2-3-2-0---2-3-2-0----------------| D|-----------0-------3-------2----------2---------2--------------| A|-----0-2-0-----------------------------------------------------| E|-3-3-----------------------------------------------------------|
G G7 C This lazy living, yeah it sure tastes good G G7 C Let's make a killing down in Hollywood G G7 C And buy ourselves some nice fancy home in the hills G G7 C Spend all our fancy old time spending ten dollar bills C C D Da da da da da, da da da da da Em Watch out cause here I come born and lazy G Yeah here I come, no dignity Em So long sad city of angels C G You ain't been very good to me Em You take the blood right from my body G Yeah you take that bone out of my spine Em C G So long sunny California, you ain't no friend of mine G G7 C So New York City, yeah, I'll see you soon G G7 C Spend all my money on some elbow room G G7 C Yeah wander around like I got some place fancy to go G G7 C ohh I'm the king of Brooklyn for all you know Em Watch out cause here I come born and lazy G Yeah here I come, just passing through Em Follow me beyond the mountain C G Howl at the old big moon Em Yeah, strip them clothes right off your body G Dress your skin in sticks and stones Em Doesn't matter where we're heading cause C Some of us were built C Some of us were built C G Some of us were built to roam

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