Secondhand Serenade

Vulnerable Acoustic

Secondhand Serenade

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Vulnerable Acoustic

	  		Capo on 6  

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Chords Used: C Am F G e|-------------1--3-----------------------------------| B|--1----1-----1--3-----------------------------------| G|--0----2-----2--------------------------------------| D|--2----2-----3--------------------------------------| A|--3----------3--2-----------------------------------| E|-------------1--3-----------------------------------| Intro: e|----3-1p0-----------3-------3-1p0-----------3-------| B|-----------1--------1----------------1------1-------| G|---0------0-------0------0---------0------0---------| D|----------------------------------------------------| A|-3--------------------3----------------3------------| E|---------------1------------------------------------|
C G Am F Share with me the blankets that your wrapped in Am F Am G Because its cold outside cold outside its cold out side C G Am F Share with me the secrets that you kept in Am F Am G Because its cold inside cold inside its cold inside PreChorus Am F And your slowly shaking finger tips C G Show that your scared like me so Am F C G Let pretend were alone Am F And I no you may be scared C G And I no were unprepared C ... But I don't care Chorus: C Tell me tell me Am F G What makes you think that you are invincible Am F G I can see it in your eyes that your so sure Am F C G C Please don;t tell me that I am the only one that's vulnerable G Impossible same chords: I was born to tell you I love you Its that a song already I get a B in originality And its true I cant go on without you Your smile makes me see clear If you could only see in the mirror what I see And your slowly shaking finger tips Show that your scared like me so Let pretend were alone And I no you may be scared And I no were unprepared But I don't care Chorus:same chords Am F G Am F Slow down girl your not going anywhere Am F Just wait around and see C G Am F G Maybe I am much more you never no what lies ahead Am F C G I promise I can be anyone I can be anything C Am F G Just because you were hurt doesn't mean you shouldn't bleed Am F C G Am G G I can be anyone anything I promise I can be what you need Chorus
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My stupid intro lolz just putting it.... e|---------3------1p0----------1---3--------------| B|-------0------------1--------1---3--------------| G|------0---------------------2-------------------| D|-----2--------------------3---------------------| A|----3-------------------3-----------------------| E|-----------------------1---------3--------------|

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