Secondhand Serenade


Secondhand Serenade

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	  		Intro: C#m / Gm / A  

In the moonlight  
Your face it glows  
Like a thousand diamonds  
I suppose  
And your hair flows like  
The ocean breeze  
Not a million fights  
Could make me hate you  
You\'re invincible  
Yeah, It\'s true  
It\'s in your eyes  
Where I find peace  

>: E Is it broken? G#m Can we work it out? A G#m B Let\'s light up the town, scream out loud! E Is it broken? G#m Can we work it out? A G#m I can see in your eyes B You\'re ready to break C#m Don\'t look away.
C#m So here we are now G#m In a place where A The sun blended C#m G#m With the ocean thin. A So thin, we stand C#m Across from each other G#m Together we\'ll wonder A C#m If we will last these days G#m If I asked you to stay A Would you tell me E You would be mine? C#m And time Is all I ask for A Time E I just need one more day C#m And time You\'ve been crying too long A Time E And your tears wrote this song E / G#m / A Stay In the moonlight Your face it glows

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