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Intro: A, Em, G, D 


A         Em 

Wake up, there's a dream you lost. 

G                                          D 
It's clinging onto life like a thorn on a rose. 

A                    Em 
And you've stopped, frozen to the spot. 

G                                    D 
Let the penny drop, now it's time to go. 


You're acting like you've got nothing to prove. 

Keep saying if you were in my shoes. 

G                                                 D 
But you're not broken, you're only just bruising now. 

                    A       Em 
Don't tell me it's over. 
                           G            D 
I've got a feeling you've made up your mind. 
                                  A     Em 
There's something you've got to find, 
       G              D 
don't let it go to waste. 
                  A        Em 
You're getting closer,  
                        G       D 
you're keeping it all hidden inside. 
                           A       Em 
But you've got nothing to hide. 
        G            D 
Don't throw it all away 

and tell me it's over, over. 
Don't you tell me it's over, over. 
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