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Capo on 2nd fret

G                              C     
Mary, oh Mary how many times I call 
No, I don't want anything 
       C                        G     
But to know you're there that's all 
You're an angel sent by accident 
To ease my worried mind 
G       G/F#           Em         D 
And I don't show you half enough 
          A     D        G 
But I love you all the time 

G                                 C  
Mary, oh Mary where does the time go? 
First I hated being young 
         C              G    
Now I'm scared of being old 
So I decided to stop wearing a watch 
So I don't hear time pass 
G        G/F#      Em   D       
I did it half an hour ago 
          A   D         G    
So we'll see how long I last 

G                                C 
Mary, oh Mary I'm feeling fairly bad 
Problems running through my head 
       C      G 
Like a broken phonograph 
Won't you pack my things, give the Doc a ring 
Let him make me a bed 
G       G/F#      Em                D 
Let the man come round Who ties me down 
    A     D           G 
And hooks wires to my head 

I was born one rainy morn 
      C                  G 
So not much changed for me 
Just a bigger bed and a feeling that 
    C             D      
I'd gotten in too deep 

G                             C    
Mary, oh Mary keep my picture hung 
I played death for cigarettes 
            C            G 
And got the cancer in my lungs 
Tell every one of my grandsons 
Exactly what I did 
G        G/F#       Em                D 
Spent my whole life waiting for this time 
A      D      G       
That I hardly lived 

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