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G#m    F#           E       F# 
do you say a prayer when u ... 
*repeat this for each verse 
B    G                A 
mon destin inscrit en toi 
*this is for the first Chorus only 
*but the rest of the coming (Chorus)s 
  goes like this: 
*play twice 
B    G         A 
mon destin .... 
*& play this once 
up 1/2 tone .. 
C   G#        Bb 
mon destin ... 
G           Eb     F 
The innocent .... 
on G#m  F#  E  F#  (same chords for verses) 
**after the solo repeat Chorus(2) once 
& play Chorus(3) untill fade out.. 
-Chorus3 will be ..: 
*play twice 
C   G#        Bb 
mon destin .... 
*& play this once 
C#   A bar        B 
mon destin ... 
PS: this is for acoustic guitar 
but if u have a friend sit beside u 
with electric one.. you better 
make ur friend play these chords with u in 
the Chorus.. (with heavy distortion of course).. 
X = muted note 
he'll play B5  (799XXX) while you're playing B 
           G5  (355XXX) .... G 
           A5  (577XXX) .... A 
           C5 (81010XXX) .... C 
           G#5 (466XXX)  ..... G# 
           Eb5 (66XXXX) .... Eb 
           Bb5 (688XXX) .... Bb 
           F5  (133XXX) .... F 
           C#5 (91111XXX) .... C# 


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