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Night After Night Chords

Sara Storer

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Night After Night

	  Capo III 
C 	       F 	  	 C 
Weekends when I go out walking 
C 	  	  F        C 
Friends stop and they say hello 
     G 	  	  	    F 
They ask me how things are going 
           C       F         C 
I put on a show, a very good show 
C 	  	  F         C 
I tell them that I'm doing fine now 
C                        F 	      C 
They smile and then they go on their way 
        G                F 
It's so easy to put on a brave face 
                       C           F          C 
in the bright light of day, before stars hold sway 
F C But I still miss you F C G whenever I turn out the light F C I still miss you F C G C Night after night, after night, after night.
They say that time is a healer And bad things all come to an end, Well sometimes I almost believe it then darkness comes in and I fall again. I wish I could sleep like a baby I wish I could sink like a stone I wish that I could not remember your sweet loving moan when we were alone RPT Chorus x 3.

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