Sara Bareilles

Hercules Chords

Sara Bareilles

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by robepoiel

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Capo on 1st fret


not necessarily the correct chord variations, but they work 

G  Bm  F  F 
G  Bm  F  Em 

G              Bm                            F              
I miss the days my mind would just rest quiet 
G               Bm               F                  Em 
My imagination hadn't turned on me yet 
G            Bm                   F         
I used to let my words wax poetic 
C                       Cm 
But it melted a puddle at my feet now 
G         Bm         F                
It is a calcifying crime, it's tragic 
G                    Bm          F                  Em 
I've turned to petrified past life baggage 
G             Bm            F                    
I want to disappear and just start over 
C                Cm 
So here we are 
And I'll breathe again... 

Em G Cause I have sent for a warrior D From on my knees, make me a Hercules Em G D I was meant to be a warrior please Make me a Hercules
G Bm F Em I've lost a grip on where I started from I wish I'd thought ahead and left a few crumbs I'm on the hunt for who I've not yet become But I'd settle for a little equilibrium There is a war inside my heart gone silent Both sides dissatisfied and somewhat violent The issue I have now begun to see I am the only lonely casualty This is not the end though... (Chorus) (bridge) Am Em This is my darkest hour Em D A long road has lead me out here Am Em C Am But I only need turn around to face the light C D And decide flight or fight

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