Sandy Denny


Sandy Denny

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	  		Intro: A 

    A                              Bm 
The summertime's escaping, and the carnival's away, 
        A                          Bm 
And the sunshine is awaiting for another sunny day. 
C        E              F        G      A 
Breakers whisper to the shells upon the shore, 
             G                     A 
And hear the seagulls they cry for more. 
             G                  A 
And hear the gulls they cry for more. 

A                                Bm 
Good day to you sweet autumn, so gently you appear. 
      A                         Bm 
Why I never even realised those rustic times were near. 
    C        E             F     G        A 
The moment's change from a dusty green to gold, 
           G                  A 
The summer fair she has grown old 
           G                  A 
The summer fair she has grown old 

    A                                          Bm 
And away in the blue of the skies and over the trees 
        A                           Bm 
How the carnival flies on the wings of a breeze. 
       C        E                 F        G     A 
You've had your time and now it's mine for me to go, 
      G                     A 
These colder days they move too slow. 
      G                    A 
These older days they move too slow. 

solo (verse chords) 

       A                              Bm 
So the summertime is leaving, and the carnival's away, 
       A                               Bm 
So the sunshine is relieving us of all our sunny days. 
    C       E              F          G        A 
But I'll be waiting for to greet your fleeting calls, 
             G             A 
So come back soon the carnival. 
          G             A 
Come back soon the carnival. 

Come back soon (background voice: "carnival") (repeat many times to fade) 

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