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Promises Chords

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Difficulty: AdvancedAdvanced

by edsooliveira

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Intro: D A E (2x) 

Verse 1: 
               D                  A 
Sometimes it's hard to keep believing 
   F#m            E 
In what you can't see 
                D                  A 
That everything happens for a reason 
Even the worst life brings 
          D                 A 
If you're reaching for an answer 
        F#m                  E 
And you don't know what to pray 
     D             A 
Just open up the pages 
Let His word be your strength 

F#m D And hold on to the promises (Hold tight) A E Hold on to the promises (Alright) F#m D Jesus is alive so hold tight A E Hold on to the promises
Intro: D F#m A E Verse 2: D A All things work for the good F#m E Of those who love God D A He holds back nothing that will heal you E Not even His own Son D A His love is everlasting F#m E His faithfulness unending D A Oh, if God is for us who can be against us E So if you feel weak (Back to chorus) Bridge: F#m D Neither life, nor death A E Could separate us F#m D From the eternal love A E Of our God who saves us (2x) (Chorus 2X) Bridge End on: D

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