Ryan Hudak

Everything About You

Ryan Hudak

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Everything About You

	  		Verse : 1  

C                           G  
Im waiting for a summer day  
C                               G  
For all my dreams to go my way  
C                      G                      Am  
Im waiting for you to stay with me  
C                               G  
Knowing this could hurt so bad  
Am                              F  
tears in my eyes run down fast  

C                                          G                                      Am  
Everyday Every night i wake up to fell the pain inside  
C                     G  
Im felling the pain  
Am                         F       C                G           Am     F  
Know it did hurt so bad you take me in your arms again  
C                   G                    Am  
every night i call you up to say  

C G Everything about you C G Everything is coming true C G D everything is looking my way C G , Am , F to say F C everything about you
oh C Am everything about you i love C G F everything about you i would never miss for the world F miss for the world Verse : 2 - Same chords as first verse I am waiting for you I am crying because i miss you I am running write to you there's know other place i rather be then with you < Back to Chorus

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