Ryan Cabrera

Please Don't Lie

Ryan Cabrera

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Please Don't Lie

	  		Please Don't Lie by Ryan Cabrera 
Intro:  Am  F  G 

Am		  F 
You're lost on.....an island 
Am	    F 
Shipwrecked off the coast 
Am	    F		     C 
I'm tryin'....to reach you.....I can't get close 
G	   F		   G               C 
And all I....ever wanted....was something....beautiful 

Am		       C	 
Please don't lie to me 	It's all I ask of you 
Am		       C 
Please don't lie to me 	Hurt me with the truth 

Whatever you say 	Couldn't take me away 
		    G	C	      F 
I'm right by your side 	Please don't lie 

Am		 F 
You're perfect.....too perfect 
Am	     F 
The painting...never cracks 
Am	     F		   C 
So show me.....the canvas.....behind the mask 
G	    F		 
So tell me....what you're thinkin' 
G	      C 
I know that....there's more to say 

Show me you're there 
Show me you're there 
I'm on the outside 
I know you're scared 


*Note:  I roughly put these chords together. I'm not so sure about the INTRO and the last verse but you are more than welcome to fix it up. 

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