Ruth Etting


Ruth Etting

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(Van Steeden and Harry Clarkson)

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Introduo: Verse 

A        C#m7/5-       G#7           G       Bm5-/7     F#7 
Ev'ning marks the close of day, skies of blue begin to grey 
F7      Fdim     E7   E7/13-     A   F#7 B7 E7 
Crimson hues are fading in the West 
A     C#m7/5-     G#7           G         Bm7/5-     F#7 
Ev'ning ever brings to me dreams of days that used to be 
F7  Fdim     E7     E7/5+      A    D7 A E7  
Memories of those I love the best 
A    C#7      G#7 
When shadows fall  
     Bm7  Bm7/E   Bm5-/7  C#m5-/7 E7 
And trees whis-per day is ending 
Bm7  Bm7/E     C#m5-/7  E7   E7/13-  A F#7 Bm5-/7 E7 
My thoughts are ever   wending   Home  
A    C#7       G#7 
When crickets call  
Bm7 Bm7/E   Bm5-/7    C#m5-/7 E7 
My  heart is    ever    yearning 
Bm7  Bm7/E  C#m5-/7   E7   E7/13-  A  D7 A     
Once more to  be  returning    Home 
Dm        A          Dm       Dm6        A 
When the hills conceal the seting sun  
Dm   A7   Dm6       Bm5-/7    E7  D9 E7 E7/13- 
Stars begin apeeping one by one 
A     C#7    G#7 
Night covers all  
     Bm7   Bm7/E    Bm5-/7     C#m5-/7 E7 
And, though    fortune may    forsake  me 
Bm7   Bm7/E      C#m5-/7    E7  E7/13-  A Cdim D6  E7/13- A   
Sweet dreams will ever    take  me Home 

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