Ruth Brown

Black Coffee

Ruth Brown

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Black Coffee

(Sonny Burke and Paul Francis Webster)

Introdução: Bm7 D9 E7 Bm5-/7 A F#7 Bm7 F7 E7 

    A              G         A               Bb9 
I'm feelin' mighty lonesome, haven't slept a wink 
  A                    G              A             A9 
I walk the floor and watch the door, in between I drink 
      D9     Dm          Dm6          A     Bb9  A  F#7 
Black coffee  love's a hand-me-down broom 
     Bm7          D9     E7       Bm5-/7     A  F#7  Bm7 F7 E7 
I'll never know a Sunday   in this weekday room 
    A              G      A               Bb9 
I'm talkin to the shadow one o'clock till four 
     A                  G               A           A9 
And Lord, how slow the moments go when all I do is pour 
      D9     Dm            Dm6             A    Bb9  A  F#7 
Black coffee    since the blues caught my eye 
    Bm7             D9    E7          Bm5-/7      A  G#7 G7 F#7 F7 E7 A 
I'm hangin' out on Monday   my Sunday dreams to dry 
Bb9 Dm     Dm7             A 
Now man is born to come alovin' 
      Dm              Dm7 Gdim  A 
And a woman's born to weep and fret 
    F7                       Bb 
To stay at home and tend her oven 
      F7      Gdim     F7     E7        Fdim   E7 
And drown her past regrets in coffee and cigarettes 
     A               G        A               Bb9 
I'm moonin' all the mornin', moanin' all the night 
    A                G            A                A9 
And in between it's nicotine and not much heart to fight 
      D9     Dm         Dm6           A    Bb9  A   
Black coffee  feelin' low as the ground 
     C#7        G7   F#7        D9    Bm5-/7    E7 
It's drivin' me crazy, this waitin' for my baby 
Fdim    E7  Bm5-/7   A   F#7 Bm7 E7 Fdim        A F#7  Bm7 F7 E7 A  
'Til he come     around,           'til he come around 

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