Prom Night


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Prom Night

	  		Intro: C Am Dm G7 (4x) 

verse 1: 
C                    Am                              Dm               G7 
Two mid-night lovers dance on the prom room floor at old Northwestern High. 
C                    Am                Dm         G7 
They stare into each other's eyes. He smiles. She sighs. 
C                        Am                 Dm             G7 
Her name is Mary; his is Billy and they say tonight is the night. 
C                                   Am          Dm                              G7 
They're going to take his old Chevy up to Lilly Mountain and camp out there all night. 

verse 2: 

C                                  Am              Dm                                    G7 
Back on the dance floor Billy pulls Mary close and whispers in her ear, "Hey, baby, lets  
get out of here." 
C                        Am                                Dm              G7 
She pulls away and looks deep into his eyes. She bites her lip. She says, "Billy,  
tonight you're all mine." 

C Am Dm G7 (2x) 

Bridge: Dm, Am (2x) Dm, G7, C 

verse 3: 
C                       Am          Dm              G7 
They break out the back door in the darkness of the room. 
C                 Am                            Dm 
They run over and climb in his truck. They stop stare. 
Billy says, "Mary, we'll be there soon." 

C Am Dm G7 (2x) 


          Dm                          Am 
When they hit the freeway Mary starts taking off her dress. 
      Dm                                Am 
Billy sees her out of the corner of his eye. 
Dm                Am                   Dm                            Am 
He looks over and starts to caress her leg and moves his hand up her thigh. 
Dm                               Am            Dm                        Am 
She closes her eyes and breathes deep as these thoughts race through her mind. 
Dm                      Am                         Dm    G 
She grips the seat. Her face turns deep red as the blood rushes to her head. 

Break: C Am Dm G7 x4 (original tempo) 
Break: C Am Dm G7 x4 (slow) 

verse 4:
C                  Am             Dm              G7 
Now back up on old Lilly they lay together in the back bed. 
C                    Am                            Dm                 G7 
Billy looks over and grabs her hand and whispers, "Mary, make me a man." 
C                           Am                     Dm                                     
She opens her eyes and sits up. She leans over and kisses him on the cheek. Says,  
"Billy, you make me so weak." 
C                   Am                              Dm                         G7         
As they lay together in the moonlight they both surrender to temptation in the darkness  
of that warm prom night. 

End: C Am Dm G7 x8 

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