Last Day


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Last Day

Intro: F C Bb C F 

verse 1: 
 F                           C         
 She came to my house around quarter to 8 
           Bb            C               
 She said, ?let?s go out and stay out real late.? 
         F               C 
 I said, ?Where to go?? 
 F                      C 
 Let?s take a ride down route 309 
          Bb                C                 F 
 Take the long way back and ride that country side. 

Bridge 1: 

         Dm                          Bb 
 This is our last day. We don?t know what to say. 
        F                        C 
 But we know we don?t want it to end. 
         Dm                         Bb 
 This is our last trip. I?m getting off this ship. 
           C                  F      C 
 I have to say goodbye to her today. 

verse 2: 

 So where do you wanna go? 
 She said, ?I don?t really know. 
 Bb         C                      F  
 Let?s just take it and breathe it in. 
           C                   Bb         C                       F  
 Let?s not worry today what to do or say. We?ll ride the day away.? 

Bridge 2: 
         Dm     Bb                        C              Dm 
 We went riding down (F) that New Tripoli town. Thinking about all the 
                       Bb                         F 
 memories when mal and me walked down that road alone. 

Break: F C Bb C F (2x) 

Bridge 3: 

         Dm                          Bb 
 We went riding in my car. We didn?t go too far 
        F                           C 
 I look over and the tears soak her eyes. 
               Dm                            Bb 
 I pull to the side of the road and pull her close to me. 
             C                    F 
 My eyes get heavy and I start to cry. 

 Bridge 4: 
           Dm       Bb  
 I yelled, ?Why? Oh why? 
F               C 
 Why us and why now? 
 Dm                  Bb                      F 
 We just got on this boat let us float for a little while.? 

verse 3: 
 I took her to her house. (C) Stopped the car. 
     Bb                  C                                 F          C 
 The lights come on. Red bags surround her eyes. She can?t look at me 
 I hold her hand. (C) Turn her head. 
 Bb                    C                       
 Tears stream down her face as I taste her lips (F) for the last time. 

Bridge 5: 
      Dm                     Bb            
 This our last day. We don?t know what to say. 
        F                        C   
 But we know we don?t want it to end. 
             Dm                                           Bb 
 Just climb into my arms. I?ll hold you tight for all the night. 
   C                              F     F (fade) 
 I promise everything will be all right. 

End Break: F C Bb C F (4x) 

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