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You Got It Chords

Roy Orbison

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by ecnusp

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You Got It

	  Intro: A G D A G D 

A                           G               D     A    G D   
Everytime I look into your lovely eyes 
A                             G                D          E   G  
 I see a love that money just can't buy 
A                F#m      C#m     E    A      F#m      C#m      E 
One look from you I drift away I pray that you are here to stay. 

A C#7 F#m D Anything you want you got it A C#7 F#m D Anything you need you got it A C#7 F#m D E E7 Anything at all you got it baby
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e|----------------------------------------| B|----------------------------------------| G|----------------------------------------| D|--2-2-0-0-------------------------------| A|----------4-4-2-2-0-0-------------------| E|----------------------4-4-2-2-0-0-------|
A G D A G D Everytime I hold you I begin to understand A G D E G Everything about you tells me I'm your man A F#m C#m E I live my life to be with you A F#m C#m E No one can do the things you do REFRÃO A F#m C#m E A F#m C#m E I'm glad to give my love to you I know you feel the way I do REFRÃO Final: D A You got it

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