Roy Orbison

Night Owl Chords

Roy Orbison

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by gustsilva

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Night Owl

  		Verse: 1

Along a Bob dark thirty, and you feel real flirty 
D                                A 
And you wanna start running around 
A                      G                A           G 
Well, you put off your study, call your best school buddy 
     A                         D 
Then proceed to paint up the town 

Verse: 2 
You're told to be back at nine, but you're havin' a time 
D                                 A 
Then you come home as late as can be 
A                     G             A    G 
Still you don't go to bed, you stay up instead 
             A                     D 
Cause you've gotta watch a little TV 

A E Night owl, night owl, what you gonna do E E7 A When the teacher finally catches on to you? A E Night owl, night owl, better study hard E A There'll be no dating when your daddy gets your report card
Verse: 3 A D Well, you're up in a stew because your homework's due D A And you didn't get your book review A G A G You tell the teacher man that you didn't understand G A D You'll get it in a day or two
A E Night owl, night owl, you've done it again E E7 A You didn't get to school until half past ten A E Night owl, if you have a big weekend E A You better tear up the note that your teacher sent
Verse: 4 A D You get a promise from your mama that the date'll have to wait D A Looks like you'll never ever win A G A D But you played her real cool, and you do better in school D A B4/9 A/C# D A G A Then the night owl flies a g a a a i n A D The night owl flies again

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