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by Andy

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Jesse James

D Jesse James was a man who G rambled through the land 
And he D robbed many a bank and A7 train 
He D was the leader man of a G bold and reckless band 
And D many are the A7 people that were D slain. 
But, no G more Jesse James; No D more Jesse James 
They laid poor Jesse in his A7 grave 
Jesse D went and turned his head; Little G Bobby shot him dead 
And they D laid poor A7 Jesse in his D grave. 
(Inst: Banjo/Fiddle) 
Now Jesse had a wife; Who mourned all her life 
Because of Jesse's evil ways 
But she couldn't stay his hand; Or stop the robber band 
Her grief made her old and gray. 
(Inst: Guitar) 
But the end it came at last; From a bullet quick and fast 
>From a comrade he trusted in his band 
And the deed they said was just; When they laid him in the dust 
He had been such a terror in the land. 
(Inst: End) 

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