Roupa Nova


Roupa Nova

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	  		  G        F#m7       B7                 Em      Em/D    
Yesterday, all my troubles seemed so far away    
C         D                       G    
   now it looks as thought they're here to stay    
           Em   A7       C      G    
       oh! I believe in Yesterday.    
G        F#m7        B7            Em        Em/D    
Sunddenly, I'm not half the man I used to be    
C              D            G    
    there's a shadow hanging over me    
        Em     A7         C   G    
    Oh! Yesterday, came suddenly.    

   F#m7  B7    Em    D   C     
Oh! why  she   had   to   go,           
              Am7        D       G    
 I don't    know she wouldn't say    
  F#m7  B7      Em   D    C    
   I   said   something wrong,         
           Am7     D      G    
  now I   long for yesterday  

         F#m7         B7            Em     Em/D    
Yesterday love was such an  easy game to play    
C        D                G    
  Now I need a place to hide away    
   Em        A7         C   G    
  Oh!  I      believe, in Yesterday...    
G/D   A/C#   C   G    
Hum... hum...hum... 

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