Rose Melberg

Each New Day

Rose Melberg

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by  MCAN

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Each New Day

	  		I tabbed this from the live version that Rose plays  
and is featured on the soundtrack of The Tracey Fragments. 


A	C#m	Bm	E 

A	C#m   Bm 
Truly, madly don't you know  
   E	   A	C#m 
I hardly sleep anymore 
Bm		 E 
Again it's after four 
A      C#m    Bm    E 
I go slightly crazy nightly 
A	    C#m   Bm	     	          E 
Thinking of       how to    win your love 
	 Bm	     F#m           C#m	   A 
But the best I can do          is dream of you 

    Bm	    E           	 Bm 
If only     sleep would come  
         A    E        A            Dm* 
Then I     could hold you near  
          A    Dm*                      A	Dm* 
Until you disappear in the morning light 
      A                     E                  A 
At least you were mine for the night 

A	C#m	Bm	E 

There's no other underneath my cover 
But thoughts of you keep me warm  
The whole night through 

And even if there really is no place 
Where dreams come true  
My heart is still with you 
But it's through star dust I imagine us 

If only sleep would find me 
I could hold you near  
Until you disappear when 
Each new day comes 
To take you away 

A	C#m	Bm	E 

Dm* = 

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