Ron Sexsmith

Tumbling Sky

Ron Sexsmith

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Tumbling Sky

Intro:  G  Am  D 

verse 1 
G        Am      D                  G 
Tumbling sky, as far as the eye can see 
       G        Am       B7      Em  G7 
We're stumbling blind as if in a dream 
     C               Cm          G         Am 
Each day my love and I greet the welcoming dawn 
        D        G  Am  D 
And the tumbling sky 

verse 2 
G              Am     D                  G 
From a thunder cloud, all the rain comes down 
G                   Am         B7              Em  G7 
Then in some laundromat we can watch it all go round 
    C                Cm         G           Am               D        G 
And wait my love and I, for our colourful belongings to come tumbling dry 

F   G#               D# 
All over God's green earth 
F#               C# 
Even hell's half acre 
E                            B 
We know what every moment is worth 
Take it all in 
Talk about it later 

verse 3 
A        Bm      E            A 
Tumbling sky, as far as I can see 
A         Bm           C#7           F#m  A7 
Troubling times and we never will be free 
       D            Dm                A         Bm           E        A 
From today until we rise and meet the gathering glory of the tumbling sky 
            A          Bm              E        A  Bm  E  A 
The great unraveling before me, of the tumbling sky 

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