Ron Sexsmith

Thinking Out Loud

Ron Sexsmith

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Thinking Out Loud

C                F 
Thinking out loud is all I'm doing 
C                  Bm7(5b) E               Am C 
Trying to raise my love above these ruins 
          F       C             Csus4 C 
With each song, I kick it around 
G7/B G        C 
 Thinking, my love I can tell 

F                        C 
There's a load on your mind 
If we poured ourselves 
E                    Am C           F 
Like this bottle of wine and let it flow 
      C           Csus4 C G7/B G       C   F C G 
We'll figure it out,      thinking out loud 

F                     G 
But it's hard to think with all the racket 
      C Cmaj7 F Fmaj7 
Going on    inside our heads 
F               G 
All this worrying is getting us nowhere 
F          G 
Let's go somewhere instead 

     C                 F 
Just thinking out loud 

Is it all we're good for? 
C                   Bm7(5b) 
Trying to raise our love 
    E               Am C 
But always falling short 

       F               C        Csus4 C 
Heaven knows what it's all about 
G7/B G       Am C 
Thinking out loud 
          F       Csus4 C 
With each song, I kick it around 
G7/B G       C Csus4 C G7/B Gadd9 C 
Thinking out loud 

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