Ron Sexsmith

The Reason Why

Ron Sexsmith

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The Reason Why

Capo on 1st fret

Intro: E  A (x4) 

verse 1 
As all the rooms are full of empties 
The wine attempts to tempt me 
E                 A 
Would you help me disappear 
And we'll let the path go hungry 
And head at last to country 
E               A 
Or a small town away from here 

F#m Maybe there we'll finally D C#m See there is no need to try G#7 A All our lives E A (x2) For a reason why
verse 2 E 'Cause when the moon is glowing dimly A Upon our hopeful chimney E A Trouble simply reappears E To throw a monkey wrench in A And hold the world's attention E A With a show of surreal fear
F#m Hoping for an answer D C#m I glance up to indifferent skies G#7 A There's no reply E A Or a reason why E A Reason why
Bridge D A E All we would hear is a deafening silence D A E Hollywood tears in frivolous times D G#7 A Oh to be near your love Solo: E A (x4) verse 3 E You can wonder where the time went A Or what it was it all meant E A It's been a life spent wondering why
F#m Looking for a name D C#m Or coat to pin the blame on G#7 A I'm done sighing E A For a reason why E A Reason why E A Reason why E A Reason why
Outro D A E G#7 A D E All we would hear is a deafening silence

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