Ron Hynes

Boy From Old Perlican

Ron Hynes

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Boy From Old Perlican

Intro: Dm7   Bm   Em  A  A7  Em  A 

Dm7          Bm          Em 
Stranded in Nashville.         I?m a Boy from Old Perlican. 
           A          A7           Em           A 
I went Buskin? down Broadway I made 4 bucks American. 
          Dm7         Bm   Em                  
An? I?m homesick and wishin? I was still back home fishin? 
     G          D        Em D        
But all those times are gone. 
      G              D       Em        A             G    D  Em  A5 
How strange to be in Tennessee singin? Newfoundland Songs 

           Dm7     Bm        Em 
I crossed over the border ?neath the light from the stars. 
          A           A7            Em       A 
? had the luck of da Irish I had my daddy?s guitar. 
               Dm7 Bm                    Em    
It?s Gibson     J   45,        it?s gonna keep me alive. 
       G         D          Em    D 
And comfort me midnight ?til dawn. 
          G                   D       Em 
Aw how strange to be here in Tennessee  
           D          G         D  Em F# 
Singin? Newfoundland Songs 

            Bm        D                     G           D 
I know it isn?t Hank Williams, though I can sing him as well. 
             G            D                 Em            A      A7 
I Sing Jimmy Roger?s Blue Yodel,     I sing Lefty???. Frizzell.  
          Dm7              Bm             Em     
And I?m a stranger here in Tennessee I?m a boy from around the bay 
               A            A#              Em          A   
Ah yeah, but I know how to sing boys and I know how to play. 
          Dm7            Bm                Em                     
?Cause my daddy taught me, taught me these words, taught me these chords. 
         G        D               Em         D  
And he taught me before he passed on. 
       G                 D        Em        A        G      D     Em  
Ah how strange to be in Tennessee singin? hard hard times 
         D                   G            D    Em                                               
Singin? kid on the pond. 
      D                           G        D    Em  F# 
Singin? Newfoundland songs. 
                Bm              D                G                 D  
If there?s one small consolation here in these desperate times. 
              G              D                Em               F#                               
All those Nashville songwriters are tryin? to look like Ron Hynes. 
       G               D   Em          A                    Outro A/B  Dm7  Dm7 
How strange to be in Tennessee singin? Newfoundland Songs. 

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