Roger Waters

The Last Refugee

Roger Waters

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The Last Refugee

Intro: C# B F# 
       C# G#m A#m 
       C# B F# 

C#              G#m 
   Lie with me now  
    Under lemon tree skies  
  C#                                            B 
Show me the shy, slow smile you keep hidden by warm brown eyes  
Catch the sweet hover of lips just barely apart  
     C#        G#m 
And wonder at loves sweet ache  
And the wild beat of my heart  
C#    B                   F# 
Oh, rhapsody tearing me apart  
        C#                                 G#m 
And I dreamed I was saying goodbye to my child  
         A#m                       C# 
She was taking a last look at the sea  
Wading through dreams, up to our knees in warm ocean swells  

While bathing belles, soft beneath  
Hard bitten shells punch their iPhones  

Erasing the numbers of radon done lovers  
And search the horizon  
And you'll find my child  

Down by the shore  
Digging a mound for a chain or a bone  
 C#                                              B (melodia) 
Searching the sand for a relic washed up by the sea  
The last refugee  

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