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Roger Taylor

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Intro: Am F C Em G 

verse 1 
                 Am                                F 
There's just one thing that we all crave, from the cradle to the grave 
           C                                  Em                G 
A state of grace or state of mind, a point in space or point in time 
           Am                                    F 
In time of peace, in times of war, the self same goal that we yearn for 
             C                                     Em           G 
Some have it all, but still have less, what we all need is happiness 

Bb F Happiness is what you need, yeah, happiness is all around Eb Gm F Eb I's not easy to define it, it can't easily be found Gm F Eb Gm F Eb It can't easily be found, it can't easily be found F You know that it's true
verse 2 Am F 'Cos happiness just can't be bought, such purity more precious still than gold C Em G And happiness just can't be taught, when you*re young or if you're old Am F No matter how, how hard you try, in your own life, and through your years C Em G Am With every up, must come a down, enjoy the laughter and the tears...of happiness

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