Rod Stewart

Love Touch

Rod Stewart

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Love Touch

(Rod Stewart)

	  		Intro 2x: A  B  E  A  B   

B       E 
Oh, baby I don't know why 
But sometimes I always seem to get 
   E                        A 
Tangled up in my pride 
         B          E 
But, oh, baby we're not that blind 
Deep down inside you know 
             C#m                      A 
This love's worth one more try 
   C#m                   A 
Don't push it all aside 

E 'Cause I wanna be good for you A I didn't mean to be bad B E But darling I'm still the best A That you ever had B Just give me a chance A To let me show you how much E A E I wanna give you my love touch, love touch
B Why can't I climb your walls E And find someplace to hide A Can't I knock down your door E And drag myself inside A I'll light your candles, baby E And maybe I'll light your life A I wanna feel the breathless end E You come to every night A This ever changing love E Is pushing me too far A I feel the need to reach you E Right now wherever you are B These empty arms are getting stronger E A Every day, believe me, baby E They won't let you get away B No, they won't let you get away (Refrão) ( E A B ) You know it don't matter Who's right or who's wrong Think we're gonna find out If this love is strong Just give me a chance To win back your trust I wanna give you my love touch, love touch Ooh you're gonna get a, ooh you're gonna get a big lovetouch....

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