Rod Picott

Secret Heart

Rod Picott

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Secret Heart


Verse 1:

C F G My secret heart where have you gone C F G I haven't heard your voice for so damn long Am F G My head against a transistor radio listening in the dark C For my secret heart C F G I heard angels I saw them fly C F G And I swore I could join them if i tried Am F G Time is the blackest of the arts, and took away C My secret heart


F G C Time is a train pulled away F G C Your lover rides but you stay C/B Am Am/G F G Standing at the station watching her depart C With your secret heart
Solo C F G C F G Am F G C

Verse 1:

C F G Listen to the bells on the hill C F G In your dream you can hear them still Am F G But they're softer now so listen hard C C/B Am C/B To your secret heart C C/B Am C/B Your secret heart C C/B Am C/B C Your secret heart

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