Robin Schulz


Robin Schulz

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Emaj7  B                G#m            F#      B 
Oh     i know why you chasing all the headlights  

Emaj7  B                  G#m          F#      B 
Oh    'cause you always tryina get ahead of light 
Baby when you go 
B                 G#m 
You know i'll be waiting on the 
F#     B 
Other side 
And i'm always cold 
    B                G#m 
But if you stay then i could keep you 
F#       B 
Warm at night 

E B Don't be a fool F# For the city lights E B I know it's cool F# But it's only light E B Baby with you F# I can never lie E B Don't go chasing F# All the headlights
Verse: Emaj7 B G#m F# B Oh i could feel the beating of your heart on drum Emaj7 B G#m F# B Oh don't know if i'm dreaming or if you have gone Emaj7 Every time you go B G#m F# B Hits me like a bullet from a golden gun Emaj7 Yeah i know it's cold B G#m F# B But if you stay then i could keep you warm at night Refrão

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