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Maybe Tonight Chords

Rob Baird

Difficulty: EasyEasy

by hebealmeida

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Maybe Tonight

Capo on 4th fret


Intro: G Em  G  Em 

Maybe tonight 
    Em ai 
I'll Knock on your door,i 
     G                Em|E 
and ask if I can come in 

Maybe tonight 
I'll sleep on the floor 
G                      Em 
just like I did in the end 

Lead in: 
Am         C/B         C 
I know that I can do better 
Am               C/B        C 
better than I'm doin right now 

C G Maybe tonight C G Maybe tonight C Maybe tonight Em D C I'll be around
(C/B to open A string) = walk from C back into G verse 2: G Maybe tonight Em Get drunk all alone G Em call up somebody like you G tell her the things Em that I said all along G Em even though none of its true Lead In Chorus Solo (G Em x4) Bridge: Am maybe tonight D all over town Am looking for something D (or D7) that we've never found Em too tired to dance B7 too tired to fight C D wishin that i could just stay out of sight G Em maybe tonight Lead in Chorus

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