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Rob Baird

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Capo on 3rd fret


Intro Chords: 
G  D  Am  C  G  Am  C  G 

G        D       Am     C 
It's the end of another year 
G        Am        C 
What's a girl like you doin' here 
G       D              Am                 C    
Did you come with some questions and some fears 
      G   Am               C    ai 
Cause you don't know if it could be worse,i 
G        D        Am     C u|E 
When you slide up to the bar 
G            Am         C 
This ain't a place that you can get far 
G         D        Am      C      
Cause I'm drinking in your car  
            G    Am   C 
Without the keys or a place to go 

G D C D G Am C Louise, it's New Years Eve and I ain't gonna leave you G D Am C Noooo you don't have to worry G Am C D G Cause I don't know how to be long dead
It's the end of another drink It'll give you time to think Or are you gonna sink when Midnight calls You can sit right here with me We don't have to say a thing Well maybe we can run away And start where love left our hearts
G/F# Em C Baby we can steer clear G G/F# C We can make our way out of here G G/F# Em C In the morning you don't have to G G/F# Em C You don't have to call me dear

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