Rivers Robots

White As Snow

Rivers Robots

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White As Snow

Written by River / Robots

Capo on 6th fret

verse 1: 
  D2           Am7 
I cling to the lamb who has 
C            G/E           D2  Am7  C  G/E 
purchased me with His own blood 
      D2           Am7 
And I stand in His righteousness 
C           G/E         D2  Am7  C  G/E 
washed by His mercy and love 
           D2              Am7 
Though I fail a thousand times Lord Your 
C           G/E         D2  Am7  C  G/E 
mercies are new every morning 
 D2           Am7 
Wash over me let my 
C           G/E             D2  Am7  C  G/E 
spirit be steadfast and strong 

D2 All my sins like scarlet will be A7sus4 white as snow Bm Though they're red like crimson Cmaj9 They will be as wool
verse 2: A broken and contrite heart, You do not despise Wash over me, clean my heart, clean my mind, clean my eyes

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