Rival Kings


Rival Kings

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Intro: F    Am    C 

                 F               Am               C 
there's too much silence in this world that is my home 
       F                      Am                  C 
when I call out, the faintest echo gets swallowed whole 
       F                        Am                C 
I will stay here, you know this place can't be outgrown 
           F                     Am               C 
I'll never leave, I'm far too scared of the unknown 

F Am is anyone out there C G someone to color these bare walls F Am is anyone out there C G someone to answer all my calls
Verse: I keep diving into this sea of memories I keep thinking about the things that could have been if I move just an inch, I'll be lost so won't you lend me some of your hope, so I can keep my fingers crossed Refrain: is anyone out there someone to color these bare walls is anyone out there someone to answer all my calls

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