Rival Kings


Rival Kings

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Intro: Am    Fmaj7    C 


Am                 Fmaj7 
I got tired of the life I lead 
the daily grind, the things on my mind 
Am                    Fmaj7 
I keep dancing to the same old beat 
I sing to the choir, I chase my desire 

Am               Fmaj7 
I march on as if nothing was wrong 
the feeling's there, it's growing strong 
Am                Fmaj7                  C 
and all I want to be is a cosmopolitan 

open minded, a worldwide citizen 
Am Fmaj7 C so where do we go from here? (4x)
Verse: I live on hope and wishful thinking the more I dream, the more I sink in I don't know why but I feel misplaced I'm out of the race, I'm from outer space and sometimes we all feel the same united as one, at war with ourselves and all we want to be are cosmopolitans open minded, worldwide citizens Refrain: so where to we go from here? (4x) Ending: Fmaj7 Am C

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