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Introdução: Bm F#m E Bm F#m E Bm 

Bm F#m          E  
Far away, far away, 
Bm                F#m E Bm  
Far away from here  
         F#m       E  
There is no sorrow after joy  
Bm            F#m  E Bm 
Nor away from fear  
G              D      G               Bm F#m E Bm F#m E Bm 
 Far away from here... Far away from here 
Bm  F#m           E 
Her lips were not very red  
Bm                     F#m E Bm 
Nor her hair quite gold 
Her hands played with rings  
     E              Bm F#m E Bm  
She did not let me hold  
G              D   G               
 Playing with gold  Playing with gold  

Bm F#m E Bm 
       F#m        E 
She is somewhere past  
Bm                F#m E Bm 
Far away from pain  
Joy can touch her not 
    E       Bm           F#m E Bm  
Nor hope enter her domain  
G                 D  G                 Bm F#m E Bm F#m E Bm 
Neither love in vain   Neither love in vain  

Perhaps at some day beyond  
E            Bm F#m E Bm 
Shadows and light  
She will think of me  
    E                Bm F#m E Bm  
And make for me a delight  
G               D    G                Bm F#m E Bm  
 Far away from sight   Far away from sight 

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