Ricardo Sanchez

I Am Forgiven

Ricardo Sanchez

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I Am Forgiven

C				                    D                           
All sufficient, rich in mercy, you have given, given freely   
C					                D		           
With intensions, you?ve designed me, your forgiveness, never ending  

E7				G  
When I fall, I fall at your feet and you tell me  

D G I am forgiven D G I have been given another chance F-F D G There?s no condemnation D D Your grace is sufficient to cover my sin past Bb7 Your love is more than enough C2 (Dm) more than enough, for me
Interlude: C C/E D D D/F# (2x) VERSE 2: C D D/F# With your loving, loving kindness, you have drawn us, to repentance C D D/F# Ever reaching, you pursue us. We are moving , with a purpose BRIDGE Dm F God of another chance, God of another chance G Bb Nothing can separate me from your love, yeah

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