Rhonda Vincent


Rhonda Vincent

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Capo on 4th fret



Em  D/F#  C  G/B  A  G  D/F#  A 

verse 1: 

D              G              A             G 
Taken. when I look into your eyes I see my life  
              D                A/C#             Bm 
And for the first time, and I forget to take a breath 
      Em                D/F#    G 
So overwhelmed, so completely shaken 

verse 2: 

      D              G                  A               G 
I'm taken. when you kiss my face, the world just falls away 
       D            A/C#          Bm 
And I feel so safe lying in your arms 
Em                      D/F#    G 
In the dark my sleeping heart awakens 
I'm taken 

G You get to me, some place deep inside Bm A You run to me, there's no where left to hide G Em D And I lose me, somewhere in the two of us C G/B A G D/F# Em There?s nothing but our sweet love and us
Interlude: D G A G D A/C# Bm Em G/B C G/B A G D/F# Em verse 3: D G A G Taken. with all of you, and I can't help myself D A/C# Bm I can't imagine love with anybody else Em D/F# G In my heart since you found your way D I'm taken Repeat Chorus Tag: D G Taken D G I'm taken D I'm taken

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