Remy Zero

Perfect Memory

Remy Zero

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Perfect Memory

	  		(D     G)                                
Remember how they always seemed to know 
We had the forest in our eyes but the earth was in our clothes 
They thought we?d fall 
Not at all 
So look back on your treasured days 
When we were young in a world that was so tired 
Though it?s not what we want before 
Even the saints had to crawl from the floor 
Pré Refrão: 
A                                                                     G 
Summers when the money was gone you?d sing 
All your little songs that meant  
everything to me 
(D G) And I?ll remember you And the things that we used to do And the things that we used to say
A I?ll remember you G That way II (D G) Remember how they tried to hold you down And we climbed those towers and looked out upon our town And everything you hoped would last It just always becomes your past It hurts 1x Pré-Refrão 1x Refrão Bm A But then how this world slipped through D my fingers G And even the sun seemed tired A I still cared Bm A As they lowered you down my heart just D Jaded G In that moment the earth made no sound A But you were there G A D You helped me lift my pain into the air (G Bm A D G Bm A) (Bm A) I still miss you God I still miss you I know that you are waiting there G I always thought that you?d come home If it don?t hurt you, it won?t hurt me If it don?t hurt me, it won?t hurt you If it don?t hurt you, it won?t hurt me that away

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