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High speed train Chords


Difficulty: IntermediateIntermediate

by europeu

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High speed train

Am                    C#m                              G 
When I look into your eyes your 'drop like an anchor' eyes. 
                          F                E             Am 
I scudded and clipped the sky just shy of making it. 
Am                  C#m                      G 
And you almost got away, I told you I was afraid 
                     F             E                G 
Did I really want to try, you're holding me to my claim 
Bm D I jump on a high speed train, I'll never look back again F E G I flail like the antelope who jumped from the building
Am C#m G and you caught me on the sly you've taken me by surprise. F E G you've mirrored my best disguise and turned it back on me.
Chorus(1) Chorus(2): Bm D I jump on a high speed train I'll never look back again F E Am To Berlin, Kyoto or Marseilles I'd go anywhere for you Am G Am G ooh-ooh-ooh Am G F E Am ooh-ooh-ooh Am C#m G I'll bring you a big bouquet I picked it myself today F E G it compliments your eyes there's love at the end of the line Chorus(1) Chorus(2) Bm D And that's what I always knew I'd like to have hung the moon. F E I'd wrestle you for a spoon inside your sleeping bag. F E Just us, no war, no hate, no past. F E It's real. I'm here. I'm yours. I'm fast. F E I'm long in the eye I'm cry when I try Am I just want to fly just you and I, together

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