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So Far Away Chords


Difficulty: EasyEasy

by renejunior

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So Far Away


Intro: Bm G A (D  C#) (2x) 

I am right here with you 
I couldn't more close 
Pretending that I'm in this moment 
When I'm only a ghost 

I listen to the words you're saying 
Words I'm fighting to believe 
It's like I'm living from a distance 
When you're out of reach 

I wanna feel it when I mean it when I say it 
Can you hear me at all 

Bm G D A And I feel so far away, far away from everything Bm G2 D A Outside wondering when I got lost Bm G2 D A I threw my arms up in the air, why do I disappear Em (F#m) G How can your love be so close (G) A When I'm so far away
(Verses are the same as before) Remember when you found me drowning You put me from the deepest end I promised that I'll never leave you Now I'm drowning again It's killing me with every breath Witnessing the life I lived Only you know who I am I'm reaching out my hand (Pre-Chorus) (Chorus) Intro chords (2x) I'm so far away (5x) Yeeeaaahhhh yeeeeahhh (Bridge) G And I don't wanna waste time Bm Living a half life D Are you listening D Now give it back to me G I remember everything Bm The way it used to be D You give it back to me D You give it back to me E I hear your voice F#m G But inside I'm lost Pause music just before the chorus (Chorus) Intro until the end Ends on: D

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