Part That's Holding On


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Part That's Holding On


Capo on 1st fret

Intro: Bm D G A 

  It all looks different now 
D                A9 
  But it was right in front of me 
G                      A9 
  The memories fall around 
Bm                        D 
  Of everything I used to be 
A9                    G 
  Can I let it go? 
Bm         D 
  When I still feel your echoes 
A9                   G  
  I watched you disappear 
Bm                                D 
  But I can't make myself believe 
A9                          G             Gm 

I gave it all Bm D But you were fading A9 G Where'd you go? Bm all alone I couldn't stay D A9 G Another fall, through the dark Bm D Of the shadows A9 G I reached for you, only you Bm D There's still a part A9 A part that's holding on G D

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