Hold Me Now


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Hold Me Now

Capo on 1st fret


Bm                        D 
Fall asleep to dreams of home where the waves are crashing; 
Bm                         D 
The only place I've ever known now the future has me; 
Bm                     D 
I see the fire in the sky, see it all around me; 
A                             Bm            G 
I said the past was dead the life I had is gone; 
A                    Bm               G 
Said I won't give up until I see the sun. 

D Asus Bm G Hold me now, 'til the fear is leaving, I am barely breathing.
,b>VERSE 2: Bm D Waking up and letting go, to the sound of angels; Bm D Am I alive or just a ghost, haunted by my sorrows? Bm D Hope is slipping through my hands; gravity is taking hold; A Bm G I said I'm not afraid, that I am brave enough A Bm G I will not give up until I see the sun.
D A Bm G Hold me now, 'til the fear is leaving, I am barely breathing. D A Bm G Crying out, these tired wings are falling, I need You to catch me.
BRIDGE: A Bm G As I burn, as I break, I can't take it anymore. A Bm G Em7 I return to the place where the water covers over everything G Rescue me somehow.

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