Red Mountain Church


Red Mountain Church

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Capo on 3rd fret


Standard Tuning 

Cadd9          G         Cadd9         G 
        All my life long         I had panted 

Cadd9         Em              Dsus              D 
        for a drink from some cool spring 

Cadd9         G              Cadd9             G 
       that I hoped would          quench the burning  

Cadd9        Em            Dsus       D 
       of the thirst I felt within. 

Em G Am G Hallelujah He has found me Cadd9 Em Dsus D the One my soul so long has craved Cadd9 G Am G Jesus satisfies all my longings Cadd9 Em D through his blood I now am saved
Feeding on the filth around me 'till my strength was almost gone. Longed my soul for something better only still to hunger on. (Chorus) Poor I was and sought for riches something that would satisfy. But the dust I gathered 'round me only mocked my soul's sad cry (Chorus) Well of water ever springing Bread of Life so rich and free. Untold wealth that never faileth my Redeemer is to me. (Chorus x 2)

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