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Red House Painters

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by renejunior

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F        A#7+     F       A#7+   
Michael,  where are you now?   x2 

C                                           A#7+ 
Somehow in my excitement the last time you called, 
                   C                         A#7+ 
It slipped again to ask your hidden whereabouts 
                        C                               A#7+ 
I got a lead from your old triple ex-girlfriend, she said 
"I heard he lost his mind again" 
              A#7+                                F  A#7+ 
"Again?" I said, I didn't know that you ever did 

F       A#7+     F        A#7+ 
Michael, where are you now? 

Sleeping through the morning in flannel impaired 
Getting high in southern air 
Shoeless, sandy eveing down the unfamiliar 
Last whiff of salt-water freedom 
Skipping shells in the dead zone 

F          A#      G# 
With the ghost on your side 
F         A#       G# 
Of the state borderline 
F         A#   G#  Eb7+ (x2) 
"Take it." 

Do you remember our first subway ride? 
Our first heavy metal haircuts? 
Our last swim on the east coast? 
And me with my ridiculous looking pierced nose? 
I remember your warm smile in the sun 
The daydreaming boy without a shirt on 
The Birmingham barfly father 
Left the mother of three sons 
You're the oldest juvenile delinquent bum 
My best friend 

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